DOB 1988 Ben

DOB 1993 Kayla Touch of Autumn AKC/ASCA CDX HIT

DOB 1995 Skye Tributes Mystic Skye CKC CD

DOB 1997 Skoshi/Tessa Mr. Stubbs of StoneCircle AKC/ASCA CD RN TDI ASCA CH M'Lady Tessa of StoneCircle RN

DOB 1997 Tessa 2005 ASCA NATIONALS ALTERED WB/BOW M'Lady Tessa of StoneCircle RN

DOB 1999 Boone Can CH SilverCity's Smoking Gun (AKC Pointed)

DOB 2002 Icee Can CH Peppertree's Fire and Ice STDs (ASCA Major Pointed)

2007 ASCA Nationals 1st Place 4-6 mos Stonecircle Criminal Speed 1st Place 4-6 mos/ BOB Puppy StoneCircle MovNViolation 1st Place 4-6mos StoneCircle Driv N2 Endanger

DOB 2002 Baylee ASCA HOF DAM 264 Can CH Peppertree's Cookies N Cream

DOB 2008 Layla 2007 ASCA NATIONALS BOB PUPPY ASCA CH StoneCircle MovNViolation

DOB 2008 Journey ASCA/UKC CH StoneCircle DrivN2Endanger (AKC Pointed)